Chris Evans Goofy Audit


'Goofy Audit, Chris Evans, Collected Works 1998–2001' is published by Sternberg Press & Thea Westreich/Ethan Wagner Publications, New York

Includes essays by Penelope Curtis, Tirdad Zolghadr ('If You're Gonna Do It' and Marina Vishmidt ('The Manageable Softness of the Solid Wine and its Solar Radience') and with catalogue entries by Will Holder.

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Sternberg Press
MIT Press
Les Pres du RĂ©el
Stand Up Comedy
and Waterstones, Amazon etc.

Limited edition
A limited edition of 15 copies of Goofy Audit, available from Westreich / Wagner, NY is signed on the first 11 pages with a text work. In addition a letterpress errata is inserted into each copy of the edition. Signed and numbered.