Home Economics

Ceramic hobs, resin, nigella seeds, poppy seeds, mustard seeds, chilli powders, cress seeds, cumin, safron, dill, caraway seeds, coriander. 59 x 52 x 4 cm.

Home Economics VI, 20I9

Resinous slicks fix herbs and spices on two pairs and one individual generic model of ceramic induction hob, hung vertically.

Spatial Bias, Lesage, Brussels, 2021
Salon Hang 24/7, Kunstverein Amsterdam, 2021
Village Lawyer, Markus Luettgen, Dusseldorf, 2019 (solo)
Village Lawyer, CAN, Centre d'art Neuchatel, 2018 (solo)

A prescursor to the Home Economics series was a sequence of photographs of paintings on hobs made with herbs, spices and cleaning products in the kitchens of users of the institution: SALT Galata, Istanbul, produced for the exhibition curated by Sohrab Mohebbi.

Ask a farmer when there's no need for an accountant
A conversation with Ipek Ulusoy of SALT Research and Programs, 2018

Bureau of Unspecified Services, SALT Galata, 2018.