Hermes Candles Painting For The Hermes Fraternity, Rotterdam

Silkscreened print on paper, flypasted on gallery wall, painted black
87 × 63 cm

Composed in two lines around a marble mantle, six members of the Hermes Fraternity in Rotterdam flank a framed airbrush drawing (gifted by the artist)of two candles in the form of mirrored silhouettes of a bust of Hermes of Praxiteles. Smoke rises from the recently extinguished wicks to form an arch. This composition was photographed by the artist and reproduced in silkscreen on an editioned poster, wheat-pasted onto the wall of the gallery.

The Rock & The Judge, Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam, 2008 (solo).
The Freedom of Negative Expression, Chapter, Cardiff, 2007 (solo).

Inge Borsje