Cement tablets on powder coated steel stands
103 x 70 x 3cm and 79 x80 x 46cm, resp.


Goofy Audit, installation view: Luettgenmeijer, Berlin, 2011

A series of five moulded and inscribed reliefs depict two figures: an 'i' and 'paw-i'. Either one may stand consistently in the focal centre, and each tablet's composition is a permuation of the possible placement of the other in the tablet's pictorial field. The pair are seen in perspective, though the nature of this is complicated by looking down on an enforced horizontal reading of the series. Areas of each tablet have been 'swept' using a molding of marks left by the hard bristles of a broom.

A Needle Walks into a Haystack, Liverpool Biennial 2014
Goofy Audit, Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin, 2011 (solo)