Various works, 2000


Draft of Gemini Sculpture Park

Gemini Business Park was chosen on grounds of its ‘aspirational’ positioning in an underdeveloped borough of Leeds. Five managing directors were approached by the director of uk Corporate Sculpture Consultancy, Chris Evans, and given complementary advice on visualising how they might represent their company in a three-dimensional form. The products of these meetings were to be installed together as a sculpture park, spread out on lawns that would cover the car park.

Besides the production of five graphic interpretations in a series of screenprints (depicted on the following pages), external artists were commissioned by Evans to realise artist’s impressions of Gemini Sculpture Park.

Newman & Company by Toby Paterson (above) at public display of Gemini Sculpture Park at Leeds City Art Gallery, 2000. Details on the following pages taken from an artist’s impression painted by Padraig Timoney.

Exhibited in:
Gemini Sculpture Park, Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds, 2000 (solo).
Here and Now,Scottish Art 1990-2001, Dundee Contemporary Arts and other venues, 2001.
Other Criteria, British Sculpture in the 20th Century, the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, 2003.
[Henry Moore Institute (5 silkscreen prints; artist’s impression by Padraig Timoney)]
ME WE, Project Space, Athens, 2000.