Mini DV. 6 mins. 2009

Taking direction from Allan Kaprow’s score Company, an interview is set up with Walid El Kafrawy, Chief Executive of ofok (Arabic for “horizon”) – a construction company dedicated in the conception of new communities in the Egyptian desert’s “intimate serenity.” From this a script is co-authored with Will Bradley and edited by El Kafrawy. The latter recites his own words to the camera in blocks, fed back to him through an earpiece – over images of ofok construction: a year-long transformation, “through people”, from “dust and flies” to a “nurturing community.”

'A Needle Walks Into a Haystack', Liverpool Biennial 2014
'A Fantasy for Alan Kaprow, CIC, Cairo, 2009
'The Conspiracy', Kunsthalle Bern, 2009
'Refuge', 4th International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam, 2009
'Short Tracks', Wiels, Brussels, 2009