CLODS, Diplomatic Letters
Concrete, PVC mats, wooden platforms, framed silver gelatin prints of commissioned drawings by diplomats


Detail: 'Ambrosia Artemisiifolia, commissioned drawing by Arunas Gelunas, Lithuanian Ambassador to UNESCO, inverted', 2014

Drawings of invasive plants are solicited from members of the international diplomatic community. The drawings are photographed, inverted and printed as silver bromides. The framed prints (Diplomatic Letters) have their counterpart in a series of concrete forms (CLODS) positioned off or on shallow, white platforms and in proximity to unrolled gym mats. The lumpen CLODS are moulded in a marble aggregate concrete, rough-hewn underneath, buffed flat top and each bearing a bore-hole from removed metal piping.

'Chris Evans', Galerie Juli├Ętte Jongmas, November 2015

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