A Sculpture for the Councillor of Culture (Neuchatel)
Glazed ceramic elipsoid, mounted on black powder-coated dogleg.
Elipsoid 40 x 50 cm. Framed drawing 11 x 85 cm.

A Sculpture for the Councillor of Culture, Neuchatel

Airbrush painting exhibited in Village Lawyer, C.A.N. Centre d'art Neuchatel, 2018

A proposal, assisted by Fra Angelico frescoes in a monastic setting, is passed from the host to the presiding Councillor for Culture: to display a public sculpture on his home, adjacent to a window of his choosing, for the councilman’s contemplation. Said sculpture – a ceramic elipsoid whose coloured glaze complements the shutter’s paintwork – is donated to the city, to be relocated and recoloured on the following councillor’s accession.

An airbrushed artist’s impression hangs in the gallery – seen from opposite the councillor’s POV – with minor changes to architectural details.