The Affirmation

A Needle Walks into a Haystack

A Needle Walks into a Haystack, 2014 (Detail)

Platinum and yellow gold ring with diamonds, sapphires and helidor (‘Flowergirl’) commissioned from Boodles responding to Liverpool Biennial’s press release as a brief; displayed on jesmonite tablet encased in rosewood and powder-coated steel vitrine. Commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2014. Photograph: Mark McNulty

frieze'Chris Evans', Joanne Laws, Issue 168, January-February 2015
'Liverpool Biennial 2014', David Crowley, Issue 165, September 2014

As Simple as Your Life Used to Be

—Repeat Horizonn
—School Netball Uniform
—The School of Improvement
—Warm Hermaphrodite
—Portrait of Thomas Carlyle as a Climbing Wall

The Attentives

Bent Aura

Berlusconi's Volcano

CLODS, Diplomatic Letters

Detail: Ambrosia Artemisiifolia, commissioned drawing by Arunas Gelunas, Ambassador for Lithuania at UNESCO, inverted’. Silver gelatin print, framed. 2014.

CLODS, Diplomatic Letters

Installation view.
Concrete, wooden platforms, pvc mats, framed silver gelatin prints. 2012–ongoing.

frieze'Chris Evans', Joanne Laws, Issue 168, January-February 2015
'Chris Evans: CLODS, Diplomatic Letters', Agnieszka Gratza, Issue 64, December 2012
Chris Evans', Natasha Soobramanien, Issue 152, January-February 2013




Cop Talk: Police recruitment talk to the students at the Art Academy of Nurnberg, 8th January 2015
frieze '5th Berlin Biennial: Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours', Christy Lange, Issue 117 September 2008

Crystal State*

Double Trophy

Ethical Mop

Fan of Exaggeration

Free Tutorials

The Freedom of Negative Expression

The Freedom of Negative Expression Dan Kidner, Volume 2. No. 1. Summer 2008

Friends of the Divided Mind

Gemini Sculpture Park

—Unit 2: Mountgraphic Ltd.
—Unit 4: Yorkshire Telecommunications
—Unit 6: Rider Hunt
—Unit 8: Newman & Company
—Unit 9: Mesh Computers Plc.
New Statesman

Goofy Audit

Goofy Audit - Installation, Luettgenmeijer

Installation view, Goofy Audit, Berlin, 2011Luettgenmeijer

Goofy Audit (Exceptions I-III)


Hermes Candles Painting for the Hermes Fraternity, Rotterdam

Home Entertainment 2 metres

Home Entertainment 4 metres

I Don't Know if I’ve Explained Myself
Mala Galerija, Slovenia

Is My Work Too Commercial?

Is My Work Commercial Enough?

Is My Work Enough?

Magnetic Promenade
Printed matter

Mental Puberty*

Militant Bourgeois

Militant Bourgeois

Militant Bourgeois

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Printed matter

Morning Star Rebranded

New Rules

One Way Karma

Point at it, like a farmer at a pig
Printed matter(PDF)

Portrait of a Recipient as a Door Handle, After a Drawing Produced by an Anonymous Philanthropist,Bronze Maquette, Scale 3:2

Psychopomp Counsel*

Radical Loyalty
—Adapt and Survive
Effectual versus Ineffectual

Radical Loyalty - Effectual versus Ineffectual

—Egyptian Horses
—Three Pebbles

Installation view, 'Regenerate Art', curated by Saim Demircan, 2014Kunstverein Munchen

Printed matter(PDF)
Studio Voltaire

The Rock & The Judge

The Rock & The Judge

The Rock & The Judge (UK) 2005/8 (detail)
Plaster and pigment, ral 5001 specified for an adjacent wall, commissioned drawing by Detective Constable Richard Hill, East
Yorkshire Police Force. 60 × 160 × 60 cm (‘recoiling’ rock). 36 × 24 cm (framed drawing).

In This Colony (catalogue excerpt)

A Sculpture for Philippa van Loon

A Sculpture for the Ahmed Family

Three Sculptures for Marseilles

Trump Behind Bars

Tutor with an Idea


Untitled (Drippy Etiquette)

Installation view: Untitled Untitled (Drippy Etiquette), 2015
‘Is that The Sun or the Morning Star’ - airbrush painting x 3 (2015) to accompany 'Open Letter to Morning Star' (2013); scorched larch poles to width of gallery x 3, concrete discs x 3 (2014/15).

Untitled Untitled (Drippy Etiquette), 2015 (Detail: ‘Is that The Sun or the Morning Star’ - airbrush painting)

Village Hall Roadshow*

What’s the Point of Revolution without Copulation, Copulation, Copulation?

—You are the Sovereign
—I Am in Your Foyer

Luettgenmeijer, Berlin

Without Thinking (I-V)

Without Thinking IV

Without Thinking (Exception)

*curated exhibitions