The Affirmation
As Simple as Your Life Used to Be
—Repeat Horizonn
—School Netball Uniform
—The School of Improvement
—Warm Hermaphrodite
—Portrait of Thomas Carlyle as a Climbing Wall
The Attentives

Bent Aura
Berlusconi's Volcano

CLODS, Diplomatic Letters

CLODS, Diplomatic Letters

CLODS, Diplomatic Letters

Art Review (December 2012)
frieze (December 2012)


Creative Time, New York

Crystal State*

Double Trophy

Ethical Mop

Fan of Exaggeration
Free Tutorials
The Freedom of Negative Expression

The Freedom of Negative Expression

Friends of the Divided Mind

Gemini Sculpture Park
—Unit 2: Mountgraphic Ltd.
—Unit 4: Yorkshire Telecommunications
—Unit 6: Rider Hunt
—Unit 8: Newman & Company
—Unit 9: Mesh Computers Plc.
New Statesman

Goofy Audit

Goofy Audit - Installation, Luettgenmeijer

Luettgenmeijer, Berlin

Goofy Audit (Exceptions I-III)

Hermes Candles Painting for the Hermes Fraternity, Rotterdam
Home Entertainment 2 metres
Home Entertainment 4 metres

I Don't Know if I’ve Explained Myself
Mala Galerija, Slovenia

Is My Work Too Commercial?
Is My Work Commercial Enough?
Is My Work Enough?

Magnetic Promenade
Printed matter
Mental Puberty*
Militant Bourgeois

Militant Bourgeois


Militant Bourgeois

Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam
Printed matter

New Rules

One Way Karma

Point at it, like a farmer at a pig
Printed matter(→ PDF)

Portrait of a Recipient as a Door Handle,
After a Drawing Produced by an Anonymous Philanthropist, Bronze Maquette, Scale 3:2
Psychopomp Counsel*

Radical Loyalty
—Adapt and Survive
—Effectual versus Ineffectual

Radical Loyalty - Effectual versus Ineffectual

—Egyptian Horses
—Three Pebbles
Printed matter(→ PDF)
Studio Voltaire

The Rock & The Judge

The Rock & The Judge

In This Colony (catalogue excerpt)

A Sculpture for Philippa van Loon
A Sculpture for the Ahmed Family

Three Sculptures for Marseilles
Trump Behind Bars
Tutor with an Idea


Village Hall Roadshow*

What’s the Point of Revolution without Copulation, Copulation, Copulation?
—You are the Sovereign
—I Am in Your Foyer
Luettgenmeijer, Berlin

Without Thinking (I-V)

Without Thinking IV

Without Thinking (Exception)


*curated exhibitions