Blacked out space (1050 x 550 cm) with mini dv projection (30"loop; 430 cm wide). This is symmetrically framed by a pair of aqua-resin, gouache and brass sculptures – resembling lightning bolts (positioned at 260 cm from the screen), which cast their shadow on the projection, and illuminated with narrow beams of light.A script sits on a shelf outside the entrance.The British Constructivist’s role is written by Tirdad Zolghadr, after an account of a meeting between Evans and artist Gillian Wise. Will Bradley scripted The Nihilist and in collaboration with the artist produced a production treatment for The Freedom of Negative Expression a plot-by-plot breakdown for the pilot of a TV series – with the tagline Betrayal is a Fine Art.

A young man holds a conversation on the telephone and roams his spacious appartment restlessly. He switches the lights on and off, smokes imported cigarettes, sips red wine and skips the expensive stylus of a record player over a Wagner LP. Fragments of the exchange are heard.

“I agree with Borges that mirrors and copulation are obscene, because they increase the numbers of men…[VO: Philip, a well-heeled nihilist in his early thirties] The mirror’s illusion of depth is of no use to us because it is already filled with an image of the world.”

“I always say I believe in transparency, not reflection. Reflection is random, it mirrors whatever’s happening in the room. [VO: Gillian, a former member of the British constructivists, known for her uncompromising views on the misuse of the arts to consolidate the status quo.] And yet it is a double fraud in that it simultaneously suggests the illusion of depth. Of course the art world is particularly interesting for minorities and all the other downtrodden – since it offers all the possibilities of menial jobs within its very core.”

[VO: Together they are creating The Freedom of Negative Expression. The productive potentials of negativity and political paranoia are at stake.]

“We must realise: The Freedom of Negative Expression is an image of both the constant unwinnable struggle against the unfolding of future events; and of the false consciousness of our own time.”

The Freedom of Negative Expression - script