Village Lawyer

Solo exhibition atCAN / Centre d'art, Neuchâtel

Opens Friday 25th May 2018.
Performance by Concert on opening night.

Bureau of Unspecified Services

SALT Galata, Istanbul

Group exhibition. Corridor Project Space, David Bernstein, Fiona Connor, Chris Evans, Aaron Flint Jamison, JUNZIOUI, Rosa Sijben, ŠKART, John Ziqiang Wu, Danna Vajda

Curated by Sohrab Mohebbi

April 12 – July 15, 2018
Opens Friday 12th April 2018

Sohrab Chris Evansâ??ın <i>Tanımsız Hizmetler Bürosu (T.H.B.)</i> sergisinde sunulan cıngılı için fotoÄ?raf: Mustafa Hazneci (SALT AraÅ?tırma ve Programlar), Ã?anakkale, 2018

Job Interviews

Publication edited and illustrated by Chris Evans

Designed by Will Holder and published by Para Site, Hong Kong and uh books.


The ritual of the 'job interview’ can be considered as a courtship that’s conditioned by protocols that ask for a quite particular display: with social relations as material, a dance of conformity, the attempted imagining and echoing of expectations. The anthology of commissioned writing includes contributions by Nadim Abbas, Howie Chen, Heman Chong, Matthew Dickman, Jason Dodge, Holly Pester, Angie Keefer, Natasha Soobramanien, Marina Vishmidt, and Jonas Žakaitis.

Available from Uh Books





Friday 26th January 2018
Kunstverein Amsterdam
Hazenstraat 28, 1016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Readings by Freya Chou, Chris Evans, Will Holder and Danae Papazymouri at 18:30


Saturday 27th January 2018
Ateliers Evans & Gordon, Brussels
Rue de Danemark 5, 1050 St Gilles, Brussels
Readings by Freya Chou, Chris Evans, Will Holder and Natasha Soobramanien at 20:30


Monday 29th January 2018
Spike Art Quarterly, Berlin
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 45, 10178 Berlin
Readings by Freya Chou, Jason Dodge, Chris Evans, Will Holder and Bitsy Knox at 20:00


Nathan Azhderian, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Lisa Oppenheim and Chris Evans
Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
Opens 20th January 2018


Winter Season : Grazer Kunstverein

Sound work with Morten Norbye Halvorsen
Opens December 2017

The Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art

Group exhibition atKunsthall Oslo

18th November 2017 – 21st January 2018
Kunsthall  Oslo, Rostockgata 2-4

Mophradat presents "What's Your Favorite Tool? at Bureau des Réalités, Brussels

An evening with Mirene Arsanios, Chris Evans, Jasmina Metwaly, Sophie Nys, Marnie Slater, Nile Sunset Annex

Wednesday October 4th, 7pm


Chris Evans, Pak Sheung Chuen
Two exhibitions

Para-Site, Hong Kong

September 23 - December 3, 2017
Opening talk: September 22, 6:30–7pm 
Opening reception: September 22, 7–9pm 


Para Site is pleased to present two exhibitions by Chris Evans and Pak Sheung Chuen. Both presentations include newly commissioned works and are curated by Freya Chou.


With diverging approaches, both artists offer a mediation on power. From the protocols of job interviews to the conventions and formalities of courts of law, Evans’s and Pak’s works tease out the complex relationships between citizens and society.
In English speaking countries, a "cowlick" is an expression given to describe a kink in someone’s hair, a wayward tuft that grows in a direction different from that of the rest. The series of sculptures that are central to Chris Evans’s exhibition bear cowlicks but, tangential to the coiffeurial connotation, are cast from genuine licks made by cows in buckets of molasses and cereal. These seemingly arbitrary gestures become intermediaries: they are embodied in relief sculptures and incorporated into a series of transaction windows. An audio piece, titled Jingle, is also placed in an intermediary position, directly at the entrance to Para Site. Recorded with a Hong Kong farmer and produced in collaboration with Morten Norbye Halvorsen, the jingle is set to cumulatively proclaim and broadcast the arrival of each visitor. Also exhibited are a series of airbrush paintings produced as part of Job Interviews, a new bilingual publication edited and illustrated by Evans. The ritual of the "job interview" can be considered as a courtship that’s conditioned by protocols that ask for a quite particular display: with social relations as material, a dance of conformity, the attempted imagining and echoing of expectations. The anthology of commissioned writing includes contributions by Nadim Abbas, Howie Chen, Heman Chong, Matthew Dickman, Jason Dodge, Holly Pester, Angie Keefer, Natasha Soobramanien, Marina Vishmidt, and Jonas Žakaitis.
Pak Sheung Chuen entered an aesthetic pilgrimage of self-healing after the failure of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong in 2014. The political impasse had plunged Pak into a state of depression that left him devoid of enthusiasm to work. He started attending court proceedings of cases involving political activists who were being prosecuted by the government. Sitting in the courtroom, Pak began making automatic drawings, a subconscious reaction to these cases that became a form of response to what the city was experiencing at the time. The exhibition presents the outcome of his observations from various court cases, transformed into multiple narratives through wallpaper, graffiti, archives, and objects. These works represent the ‘chaos’ that took place at the beginning of the movement. For Pak, the solemn and intense atmosphere in the courthouse creates a membrane of safeguard, in which he is able to release the trauma and negative energy that he has internalised. Through long and repetitive acts of self-diagnosing, self-questioning, and self-healing, Pak has been able to return to art creation and become an active agent in society once again.


Both exhibitions consider how we negotiate our relationship between personal and public domains. How we navigate through these relationships could anticipate a way in which to respond with clarity; either through proposing new protocols and contracts or muddling and perverting existin ones. A response might be reactive or lateral; it might consider how personal healing might give comfort to a wounded society, how we might imagine structures that foster inclusive participation and how such a response might counter injustice and falsehood.
This exhibition is supported by RC Culture and Arts Foundation


Para Site 
677 King’s Road 
22/F, Wing Wah Industrial Building
Hong Kong 



Good luck with your natural, combined, attractive an truthful attempts in two exhibitions

Fundação Eugénio de Almeida


6 May – 01 October 2017

Curators: Elfi Turpin CRAC Alsace’s director and Filipa Oliveira
Partnership: CRAC Alsace

This is an exhibition project presented in two parts: the first in 2015 at Crac Alsace in France and the second at Fórum Eugénio de Almeida in 2017. It brings together a group of artists who inscribe their practice within a logic of cooperation with several fields: social, geographic or economic, and that use the practice of relation, of exchange and of time as their main tools.
These works presented proceed from (and are produce by) situations of sociability based on the notions of sharing the artistic act with, or delegating it to, other artists, the members of a community or the public. Cooperation, transformation and exchange are the key words of the exhibition.

Summer at Kunstverein Graz

March 2017





I ikigai

Jacob Dwyer, Chris Evans, Xue Mu, Bert Scholten and Ran Zhang
8 April - 13 May

Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam



Spring at Kunstverein Graz

March 2017



Grazer Kunstverein

10 March – 9 June 2017

Opening Reception: Friday 10 March, 6pm


New and Extended Commissions:
Céline Condorelli
Chris Evans with Morten Norbye Halvorsen
Fiona Hallinan


On Display:
Isabella Kohlhuber
Isabel Nolan
Adam Zagajewski


On Reflection:
Ernst Fischer


Our guiding leitmotif for 2017 is ‘The Necessity of Art’ – inspired by Ernst Fischer’s 1959 publication titled ‘The Necessity of Art – A Marxist Approach’. The year-long programme of new commissions and artistic research is guided by Fischer’s claim that art is not only necessary in order to make it possible for humanity to recognise and change the world, but that art is also necessary by virtue of the magic inherent within it. Under the new direction of Kate Strain, the artistic programme is conceived as an evolving process of changing seasons. New commissions will be realised in the spirit of Fischer’s philosophy, responding to the Grazer Kunstverein as a living entity. Each newly commissioned body of work overlaps, feeds into, informs and shapes the development of the others.


Spring at the Grazer Kunstverein is a season inspired by the agency of art in the context of world-building and the lived environment. In the spirit of Austrian café-culture, and the Irish tradition of the public-house, the season looks at how art can enrich and confound our thinking processes, as with the work of Isabel Nolan; support, enable and empower, through the work of Isabella Kohlhuber; and reflect on what it means to be alive together, through a series of new research initiatives and collaborations. In addition, a poem of profound beauty, by Adam Zagajewski, will accompany us through our year-long cycle of activities. It will be recited, upon request, in both English and German, by staff of the Grazer Kunstverein.


As part of new commissions, Chris Evans, in collaboration with Morten Norbye Halvorsen, has produced a jingle for the six entrance doors of the Grazer Kunstverein, set to cumulatively proclaim and broadcast the arrival of each visitor. Evans will also develop a public sculpture for the exterior of the building, which will be realised in the summer of 2018. Fiona Hallinan will launch the first iteration of Fink’s – a newly commissioned ‘library of tastes’, designed in collaboration with local producers, set to create a welcoming threshold for conversation and exchange at the Grazer Kunstverein.




Horizon: Against Nature
Gallery OED, Kochi, India
10th/31st December 2016

Exhibition travels to Instituto Cervantes (New Delhi) 30th January/20th February 2017. Co-curated by Vaibhav Raj Shah, Finlay Taylor and Jasone Miranda-Bilbao.

Participating artists Adam Nankervis and Daniel Kupferberg ‘The Mondrian Fun Club, Adam Nankervis and David Medalla’, Aditi Kulkarni, Anri Sala, Asim Waqif, Chris Evans and Duncan Hamilton ‘All Horizons Club’, Daniel Aguilar Ruvalcaba, Diptej Vernekar, Esteban Torres Ayastuy, Jeremy Deller, Kamal Swaroop, Madelaine Jimenez Santil, Mike Marshall, Mithu Sen, Ole Hagen, Parvathi Nayar, Pranay Dutta, Shimabuku, Simon Woolham, Sujit Mallik ‘Roofs and Grounds’, Superflex, Surabhi Saraf, Szu Han Chen, Tara Kelton, The Beauty Inspector, Vipin Dhanurdharan.


I call it Lüttgen

Markus Luettgen

Preview: 3rd June, 2016
June 4th to July 30th 2016
Elisenstraße 4-6, 50667 Cologne


An adoption of a space over the summer 2016.


With works by Artun Alaska Arasli / Erica Baum / James Beckett / Anna Betbeze / Armin Boehm / Matt Connors / Ger van Elk / Chris Evans / Philipp Gufler / Stefan Hablützel / David Jablonowski / Ryan McLaughlin / Viola Relle - Raphael Weilguni/ George Rippon / Matthew Ronay / Tristan Wilczek / and others (to be announced).


The adoption of the space at Elisenstrasse is the development of a collage, an approach to the place. As of 4 June, at first sight simulating a group show, an incomplete and changeable stocktaking, will open different perspectives and outlooks on the work of the artists and the gallery.


Some positions will be present for the entire adoption of the space, such as Ger van Elk (1941-2014) and his work “Touwsculptuure” 1968/1999. This work with its symbolic and formal solution may be a possible essence of “I call it Lüttgen”.


Works and positions of intense rationality and putatively cool rigour, political dimension, personal and historic reflection, formal and technical aesthetics, performative action and gesture, narrative force and playful approaches will confront and avoid each other and enter in relationships during the course of the show. An approach as experiment.

Bryan Robertson Trust

Recipient of Bryan Robertson Trust Award, 2016


Musee des Beaux Arts de Dole

James Clarkson, Chris Evans, Jef Geys, Gabriel Kuri, Benoît Maire, Jonathan Monk, Jorge Pedro Nuñez, Roman Ondák, Karin Sander, John Stezaker, Slaven Tolj

Lab'Bel Collection
Musée des Beaux Arts de Dole
18 March - 22 May 2016


At Home

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

19th March–3rd July 2016
"At Home'.

Group exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park curated from the Arts Council Collection by Yorkshire Sculpture Park including works by Yoko Ono, Joseph Beuys, Damien Hirst, Gary Hume, Sophie Calle, Fiona Banner, Chris Evans, Arman, Dan Graham, Paul Rooney, Roy Lichtenstein, Barbara Hepworth, Jordan Baseman, Robert Filliou, Bill Brandt, Jenny Holzer and Mark Wallinger.


Artists' Ideals and the Ideal Curator

Witte de With Colloquy

Friday 12 February 2016, 12 – 4 pm
Location: Auditorium, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

Speakers: Rhea Dall & Kristine Siegel (PRAXES) with Chris Evans (Artist), Grégory Castéra (Council) with Kobe Matthys (artist/curator), Adam Sutherland (Grizedale Arts) with Laure Prouvost (artist), and Emily Pethick (Showroom, London) with Wendelien van Oldenborgh (artist)

Can curators question their practice alone? Where and how does the voice of the public, the critic, the institution, or more over, the artist fit within curatorial reflection? Where curating is concerned, symposia organized in the field of the visual arts tend to focus on definitions of practice and theoretical approaches. Little attention is given to the actual relationship between artists and curators, and how artists navigate the field. An international roster of speakers is brought together to reflect on shared comparable case-studies and historical correspondences with focus not only on the act of selection and framing but also on the relationship reversals and inversions.

Organized and hosted by Witte de With on the occasion of Art Rotterdam 2016.


Collision (1916), Melissa Gordon

Bluecoat, Liverpool

Friday 22nd January 2016

Mime artist Rita Pulga uses the artwork's panels, hanging frames, and pulley systems to enact a live transformation of the Fallible Space installation by Melissa Gordon, which will remain as the exhibition. This is the first ever staging of Collision by Mina Loy, on the centenary after it was written. Music by Chris Evans and Morten Norbye Halvorsen.




Sculpture & the British Art Shows

Institute Seminar

11th November 2015
Leeds Art Gallery Lecture Theatre, 2-4.30pm

On 10 October British Art Show 8, a five-yearly survey of art made in Britain, opens at Leeds Art Gallery. This seminar looks back at the changing concept of sculpture through the lens of the previous seven British Art Shows.

Chaired by Jon Wood (Henry Moore Institute), speakers include Lisa Le Feuvre (Henry Moore Institute and co-curator of BAS7, 2010-11, with Tom Morton) and Natalie Rudd (Arts Council Collection, Longside), artists Bill Packer (selector of BAS1, 1979), Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton (AICA International), Chris Evans (artist BAS6, 2005) and Keith Wilson (artist BAS7, 2010-11).


All The Instruments Agree

September 26-27th 2015

2 day program of live performances by local, national, and international sound artists, art bands, music collectives, and visual artists whose practices extend into the production of sound.

10899 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Good luck with your natural, combined, attractive an truthful attempts in two exhibitions

Group exhibition with Joana Bastos, Simon Boudvin, Chris Evans, Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet, David Horvitz, Jarbas Lopes, Nicolàs Paris, Marinella Senatore, Praneet Soi.

Curated by Filipa Oliveira et Elfi Turpin.

CRAC AlsaceCRAC Alsace, 18 rue du château, F-68130 ALTKIRCH

Neither here nor there, neither fish nor fowl

Schloss Ringenberg

Opening: Sunday, 31 May 2015, 5 pm
Duration: 1 June – 12 July 2015

Exhibition 1: Simone Forti, Joan Jonas, Bruce Nauman
Exhibition 2: Olivia Dunbar, Chris Evans, Karin Hasselberg, Will Holder, Ingrid Hora, Kitty Kraus, Christoph Westermeier

Curators: Angela Jerardi and Antonia Lotz

Marina Vishmidt

Sunday 10th May, 17:00hrs

Opening of Hat
+ Single File
Performed by Concert (Chris Evans, Morten Norbye Halvorsen & Benjamin Seror)

Thursday 23th April, 20:00hrs

Performed by Jason Dodge, Chris Evans and Morten Norbye Halvorsen.
A reading by the poet Matthew Dickman.

Wednesday 25th March, 20:00hrs

Cycle 4: Chris Evans I Rimini Protokoll

31 JANUARY – 13 JUNE 2015

Praxes Center for Contemporary Art

Following three six-month Cycles with Gerard Byrne and Jutta Koether; Judith Hopf and Falke Pisano; and Christina Mackie and Matt Mullican; the fourth Cycle at PRAXES CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART, Berlin, is dedicated to the practices of CHRIS EVANS (London) and RIMINI PROTOKOLL (Berlin).

Review: Metropolism M

Untitled (Drippy Etiquette) / A Needle Walks into a Haystack

Solo exhibition at Markus Luettgen, Cologne.
Opening 30th January 2015

Page ages page ages page ages
Politics of the multiple

erg’s annual seminar

Opening performance: February 4th 2015


The Serving Library
Tate Liverpool
Opening 6th November 2014
7 November 2014 – 8 February 2015


Clerk of Mind

Clerk of Mind

Solo exhibition at Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Opening 4th November
05 November 2014-17 January 2015

Review by Joanna Laws, frieze, Issue 168. January 2015

Coptalk – Art Academy of Nurnberg
8th January 2015

Coptalk – Dublin
December 2014




Untitled (Drippy Etiquette)

Solo exhibition at Piper Keys
18th October to 23rd November 2014
Opening view: Friday 17th October, 6–9pm
Gallery opening hours – noon to 6pm, Friday to Sunday

Untitled (Drippy Etiquette) Chris Evans - Piper Keys

Piper Keys
Unit 2a, 10 Greatorex Street
London E1 5NF

Permanent work at the Parliament of Lithuania, Vilnius

Opening 24th October 2014

Regenerate Art

Group exhibition at Kunstverein München
Opens 10th October 2014

regenerate Art

Les Mots Bleus

Biennale de Belleville 3, Paris
Event – 11th October 2014

Les Mots leus

A Needle Walks into a Haystack, Liverpool Biennial 2014
Curated by Mai Abu ElDahab and Anthony Huberman. 
5th July – 26th October 2014

Review: frieze, Issue 165 September 2014

Clods, Diplomatic Letters

Solo exhibition at The Gardens, Vilnius
30th August – 1st October 2014
Opening 30th August 2014

CLODS, Diplomatic Letters

The Companion (Liverpool Biennial)

Performance weekend – The Companion
19th–21st September 2014

Errors hit Orient

Lyrics B.S. Johnson, bass / vocals Chris Evans, vocals Will Holder
As part of a Does The It Stick, Joanne Tatham & Tom O Sullivan at Bloomberg Space
Friday 30th May – 18:30pm

Online Booking



Serving: shots and beer
Doors open at 7.30. Begins at 8.

*CONCERT is Chris Evans, Morten Norbye Halvorsen and Benjamin Seror. They will interpret new new songs and old hits from their first LP “Behave Like an Audience”. Concert is at

Kunstverein wishes to thank its (Gold) members, and Stadsdeel Zuid. And a special thanks goes to De Ateliers.

Gerard Doustraat 132
1073 VX, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 3313203

BOB’s YOUR UNCLE is designed by Robert Wilhite, open every thursday, and brings you a special host and special servings each week. Reservations:

Rough Trade to re-issue Life Without Buildings Album ‘Any Other City’ 19th April 2014

Life Without Buildings

Release Date – April 19th 2014
Format – Vinyl LP + 7” vinyl ‘The Leanover’ c/w ‘New Town’
Cat.No. – TUGLP023X

Rough Trade: News

The Serving Library presents POLYESTER 86% NYLON 14%

MOMA PS1 - Sunday, March 2, 2014, 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM)

Bulletins of the Serving Library

Illustrations for Bulletins of The Serving Library #6

Portrait as a Recipient as a Door Handle, After a Drawing by an Anonymous Philanthropist

Portrait of a Recipient as a Door Handle, After a Drawing by an Anonymous Philanthropist

Tuesday 4th February 2014

Presentation new work by Chris Evans at the RABO-bank entrance.

16.00 Doors open Rabobank Rotterdam, Blaak 333
16.30 Welcome by the Direction of Rabobank Rotterdam, Ella van Zanten (Head of Art Department Rabobank Netherlands), Dees Linders (Head SIR) and presentation Chris Evans
17.00 Presentation of ‘Portrait of a Recipient as a Door Handle,…’
17.30 Walk to Witte de With
18.00 Symposium
Location: Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Witte de Withstraat 50, Rotterdam

Symposium around the new work of Chris Evans. Introduction by Lisette Smits (curator and advisor SIR) and talks about Chris Evans' work by Tirdad Zolghadr (writer and curator) and Marina Vishmidt (writer and researcher).
Followed by a (public) discussion with Tirdad Zolghadr, Marina Vishmidt, Lisette Smits and Chris Evans.
Moderator: Mai Abu ElDahab.

Centrum Beeldende Kunst
Eendrachtsstraat 10 | 3012 XL | Rotterdam
t: +31 (0)10 436 02 88
Postbus 23007
3001 KA Rotterdam

Symposium: Radical Conservatism

1 February 2014 / 2–5pm


Errors hit Orient

As part of an X marks the Bökship event at Wysing Arts Centre
Saturday 14th December, 3 - 5pm

Wysing Arts Centre
Fox Road, Bourn, CB23 2TX Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

The event is going to be filmed and streamed on This is Tomorrow

"Errors hit Orient"
Lyrics B.S. Johnson, bass / vocals Chris Evans, vocals Will Holder

Errors hit Orient


Friday 29th November
Open 6.30-8.30 (Live event starts 7.30 promptly)

The Northern Charter

Does the It Fit

Event as part of Does The It Fit, Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan, CIRCA Projects, Newcastle.

Alex Dordoy
'Milk and Silk’

6pm start, duration: 30mins
Chris Evans
'Work in progress for rebranding Pepsi Cola by Arnell Group, and other exercises in public presentation'

Office Pod,
Stephenson Works,
Sussex Street Entrance

CIRCA Projects

Radical Conservatism

Group exhibition at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Preview: 29th November, 2013
Exhibition dates: 30th November 2013 – 2nd February 2014

Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present Radical Conservatism, curated by Pil and Galia Kollectiv for its Art & Society strand of exhibitions. The exhibition includes works by Chris Evans (London); IRWIN group, founded in Ljubljana (Slovenia); Joseph Lewis (London); Patrick Moran editor of the metal fanzine Buried (London); Oscar Nemon (b. 1906 Osijek, Croatia d. 1985 Oxford, UK); Pil and Galia Kollectiv (London) and Public Movement (Israel).

In 1938, Yugoslav sculptor Oscar Nemon arrived in Britain, having fled the Nazi invasion of Brussels, where he was living with René Magritte. He was part of the European avant-garde that came to the UK as a refugee. Shortly thereafter, Nemon proposed a bold architectural plan to construct a temple of universal ethics in London and was in correspondence over this with central figures in Britain. After the war, he became known for his portrayal of figures like Churchill, culminating in a bust of Margaret Thatcher that is currently at the Tory HQ.

Radical Conservatism explores the space between these two moments and asks whether these two terms are really antithetical. In the British context in particular, where the European avant-garde never really took hold, a kind of reactionary modernism has always defined a culture wary of revolution. But today more than ever, with the left increasingly holding on to the past of the welfare state as an ideal, and the right quietly revolutionising our world through neoliberal reforms, the paradigms of radicalism and conservatism need to be redefined. Can conservatism be seen as a radical position in itself? If art is defined by a movement towards the new – could ‘holding on to the past’ stubbornly be seen as a critical position, now that neo-liberalism has forced a far more radical shift in politics than the left has managed in a long time?


I Don't Know If I've Explained Myself

Event hosted as part of the series Thinking Cities by Tate Liverpool, Liverpool Biennial & LJMU.
12th November, 2013

Liverpool Biennial: Thinking Cities

I don't know if I've explained myself

The Narrators

Group exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery and The Royal Standard, Liverpool.
11th October 2013 – 16th March 2014



Concert - Speed of Night

Concert is Chris Evans, Morten Norbye Halvorsen and Benjamin Seror.

Morning Star Rebranded

September 2013 — ongoing

Chris Evans with Dexter Sinister, Massimiliano Mollona, Marina Vishmidt

Ongoing project with The Showroom, London.
First session 2nd–6th September.
Event at The Showroom, 5th September 2013 - CANCELLED.

CONCERT on tour

22nd–30th June, 2013


Kadist, San Francisco
Redcat, L.A.
Artist's Space, New York



'The Skin of the Deer (Codex)'

May 2013 onwards

Chris Evans Institute Jamais Vu

Frieze Focus
Solo booth with Juliette Jongma at Frieze New York
10th—13th May 2013

Bourgeois Leftovers
20th April—16th June 2013
De Appel, Amsterdam

Bougeois Leftovers, De Appel

Behave Like An Audience
Record and performance by Concert (Chris Evans, Morton Norbye Halvorsen, Benjamin Seror) hosted by Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, Saturday 9th March 2013
10" vinyl published by



Specific Collisions II

Specific Collisions

Specific Collisions II

Group exhibition at Marianne Boesky Uptown, New York, curated by Melissa Gordon
January 26 - February 23, 2013

Surplus Authors
6th September—6th January 2013
Opening 5th September
Witte de With Contemporary Art, Rotterdam
Witte de With

Taipei Biennial '10 - 2 Year Project
January 2013